Frequently Asked Questions

What I can do with Pastext.ORG?

With Pastext.ORG you create text, list of links, to-do, secret message and content that can contains links and images.

How do I put link in my text ?

Your link must start with http://,https:// or with www and end with space, Remember always end with space.

What if my link has Space?

Just replace the "space" with "%20"

How many Images can I put in my text?

You can only put 3 Images per text.

Is it require to put Images to my text?

No! Images is optional, you can create Text without images.

What is the purpose of the Passcode?

Passcode can be used to make your Text Private and can only be read by someone who knows the passcode, and Private Texts are Hidden from Search Engines like Google, Bing and etc.

Can I Delete my Text ?

Unfortunately, Created Text is cannot be deleted by the user, unless he/she request to takedown the text.

Texts can also be deleted by the Admin if found violating Terms and Condition or not complying with DMCA.

How if I forgot my Passcode, can I retrieve it ?

No, it can`t.
Currently we have no function to retrieve passcode, even Admin and Dev has no access to that.

Why some of my link in text is rejected by Pastext upon creation?

Maybe, the link is in our Block List.
Pastext.ORG added some links that violates our Terms and Condition or it may cause harm to other.