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May 02, 2022 09:39:36 AM - PST | 194 views

Panguil Bay Bridge!

Dubbed as Mindanao's longest bridge. The P7.38-billion priority infrastructure project is funded through a loan from the Korean Export Import Bank.

In this video, it was shown how and what construction method will be done on the bridge. The goal of this engineering method is to shorten the construction time, ensure the quality of the concrete, and increase the substructure's constructability.

The bridge crosses Panguil Bay in the Northern Mindanao Region in southern Philippines. Connecting Lanao del Norte’s capital Tubod and Tangub City in Misamis Occidental, the bridge will cut travel time to under 10 minutes from the current two to 2.5 hours through a 100-kilometer route or via a roll-on, roll-off vessel.

This mega bridge project was greenlighted back in 2017. Once completed it will surpassed the San Juanico Bridge (2.16 km).

The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2023 under a contract with the Korean firm Namkwang-Kukdong-Gumgwang Joint Venture.

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