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April 21, 2022 04:42:21 PM - PST | 16 views

One day we will meet again,
in the place we dreamt together,
in the time we do not know.
And maybe in that day I am already wiser
braver and stronger
to tell you I am sorry
for being too late of what you needed
and being too early for what you wanted.

Maybe on that day I can finally utter
louder and clearer
that I am sorry for what we became.
I failed to be there at your becoming
and stayed a shadow to your aspirations
that together we vowed to heavens.

Maybe at that day you have finally found him
someone who stayed when I was not able
who can give your smile and laughter
wider and louder
and brought you to places you only dreamt once —

something I was not able to give
somewhere we could not go
someone I was not able to be.

And as of now,
let me be the better one
fix what broke us together
firmer yet softer
and wish that if that day comes
when you have not found him yet

I am finally ready and you will also be there —

to give something we were not able
to go to somewhere we could not
to be someone we were not able to be.

— Sant Bibliophile