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April 18, 2022 06:09:44 PM - PST | 10 views
It takes wisdom to TRULY realize that pain and suffering are part of life. And that when you fully understand this truth, your response will always be for that someone to find their peace and happiness as much as you deserve to find yours too.

It is easier to unburden ourselves by letting things be, rather than holding a grudge and resentment towards the people who hurts us.

When someone choose to hurt you, choose to unburden yourself with baggage that are unnecessary. It’s okay to feel angry or resentment for a moment but never let your heart be consumed by it, because when you do—you will lost the magic of uncovering the best of lessons you can ever get from the pain and suffering that you’ll experience.

Choose your suffering, because there is such thing as self-inflicted pain. 🙏🏻

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