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He knew when they met that she was different.
The way she moved effortlessly, the way she gazed fiercely at him, the way her words both soothed and stoked him simultaneously.
Truth is, he’d never met a woman like her, and she knew it from the start.
Full of bravado, he projected a dominant and powerful countenance, but she saw past his facade to the sensitive heart and soul that lie beyond.
She sensed there was more to this strong man than what he showed the world..
There was a tenderness beneath the surface just longing to come out..
He just had never found that safe place to fully embrace all of himself..to let all of his vulnerability and sensitivity shine through the way he had always longed to do.
She felt his battle and adored the side that he fought to contain- the emotionally deep man that wanted to be loved just as he was.
Taking his hand, she put it on her heart.
“Do you feel that?
That’s the heart that beats only for you..the heart that wants you to know that you’re always safe with me...
Safe to bring down your walls and show me all of your beautiful soul- I’ve seen it and I love all of you, just as you are.”
Her words resounded in his mind, warm and reassuring as she spoke.
He felt his eyes welling up as a solitary tear rolled down his cheek.
His voice cracked as he looked at her, a most unusual thing for this strong and proud man.
“Thank you..I’ve never had anyone to accept me ..all of me before. It’s scary..and also comforting.”
She wiped away his tear and leaned forward to kiss his cheek.
“My beloved man, you will always be free in my arms and heart. All of me for all of you..as it should be.”
She smiled as she noticed a weak grin appear on his face.
He wiped away more tears and nodded.
The world had always told him he had to be strong and powerful, but in her fire, in her love, he had arisen a free man from the ashes.
Free to finally be himself in a world that told him he couldn’t be.
He pulled her to him and hugged her, tightly holding her close.
It had taken all of his life, but he had finally found the one thing in her that had always eluded him.
True love and a soul to accept him just as he was.
She had done more than love him..
She had set him free.

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