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April 03, 2022 11:34:36 PM - PST | 18 views
I got a dream with him again. I don't understand what sign that God to me. Is there a chance that we return to each other... or opposite of what happen to my dream.. That dream seems true. 1st I got a dream that he sent a message to me in wattsapp that no matter what happen he still love me. That time he was in the Philippines and I cant contacted him. 2nd when the time he is returned in Italy & we did not know where he is or is he got already a job. he called me & he said he is okey. I want to asked him a lot of questions but he ended the call. He just only say that he is okey & he want me to know that he is happy that I'm always with him whatever happen. Seeems he is nervous. A few weeks later we got a news from him that he is already a work. . 3rd this night we saw each other. Is it the sign that we are near to see each other? 🤔