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April 02, 2022 02:08:29 AM - PST | 11 views

I’ve spent too many days chasing the wrong kind of love for all the right reasons.
I know now exactly what I want.
Forget the superficial, the shallow and the temporary versions of love-
Those don’t interest me.
No, I’m holding out for forever..
Finding that one person that just …gets me.
Who knows how I’m feeling with a single word or look,
The beautiful soul who I feel in every intimate way that both calms me and excites me.
I want the love that makes me appreciated, respected and understood,
Not the flash in the pan who wants to only feel good in the moment.
No thanks, I’m worth much more than that.
I deserve the love that gives me goosebumps, that makes my heart feel on fire, the person that I can’t wait to melt into at the end of my day.
They’ll say I’m asking for too much and that I’m not being realistic, but then, I know that my person is out there.
When the time is right and it’s meant to be, our paths will cross.
Maybe they’ll be from a country far away or next door,
maybe they’ll look just like I imagined,
Or perhaps not at all what I thought.
But I don’t care what my eyes are, I want to feel them intimately, deeply and passionately..
In ways I’ve never felt before.
I’ll know when I find them because it’ll make everyone else before seem so very wrong.
So, you know what?
Maybe I’m holding out for a hero, but that’s what I want and that’s what I will get.
I believe in true love, meant to be and soulmates.
And one day soon, when you see me smiling in their arms, happy and content..
Maybe you’ll start to believe in love too..
After all, love just makes everything better..
The moments, the days and even ourselves.
Don’t we all deserve that?
I know I do.
Maybe just maybe, that kind of love has already found me..
After all, it’s already been written in the stars.

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