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March 23, 2022 10:48:58 AM - PST | 10 views

She had learned the hard way that she could never make anyone love her or even want her, so she stopped trying.
No matter how much she wanted something to work out, it didn’t always go as she wanted or planned..
And she learned from each bad decision and evolved from every heartbreak.
No, she never gave up on love, just the opposite..
She held onto it tighter than ever as more time passed..
But she clung to her self love the most-
Never disregarding her self respect and pride , no matter how much she wanted someone or something.
She realized that things go as they’re meant to, so she started trusting the process and stopped trying to force her will on situations.
She started breathing more and forcing less.
But if love came knocking on her door with indecision and uncertainty, she’d just as soonslam that door shut than waste time on someone unwilling to love her the way that she deserved.
She knew what she wanted and she’d never settle..
No matter their sweet words or lofty promises, she stopped holding out for a hero and started living her life without stopping for love.
It’s not that she didn’t want it, it’s just that she knew the right person would fit into her life the way it was.
No excuses, games or indecisiveness.
Just real and genuine communication, love and respect.
So until that day when the right one would appear, she’d keep doing what she did best:
Flying high, shining brightly and being the most beautiful version of herself-
Each and every day.