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February 24, 2022 01:59:22 AM - PST | 28 views

When people looked at her, they always remarked how beautiful she was.
There was just an unmistakable air about her that evoked appreciation of the woman she was.
Most couldn’t tell you what it was about her that evoked such admiration..only that it was inspiring.
Maybe it was the way her eyes sparkled when she talked, full of passion and life.
Perhaps it was the way she made others smile, even if she wasn’t happy herself.
It was impossible to meet her and not be blown away by who she was..
And not because she was beautiful in the conventional sense, but because her gorgeous truth lie so far beneath the surface.
If anyone ever took the time to look past her bright smile and soulful eyes, they’d behold a remarkable creature capable of amazing empathy, wonderful emotions and deep love..
All of which were rare qualities in a world obsessed with appearance or material trappings.
She carried herself with a pep in her step and a glow about her that captivated anyone she met.
She was easy to love yet hard to truly understand.
Her heart and soul were complex layers that took patience, love and passion to unravel..
And most never took the time to yearn to know the woman beyond the light.
She kept her friends close and her passions closer, always there for whoever needed her and relentless pursuing the things that filled her heart with joy.
She’d tell you that she wasn’t perfect and she didn’t want to be...
She was happy just the way she was.
So, yes, she was truly beautiful to everyone she met..
And the few that braved to discover the woman behind the walls realized so much more than the happy facade she displayed.
She was a beautiful soul, a strong person and most of all, she was happy in all the ways that matter.

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