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February 18, 2022 08:17:38 PM - PST | 36 views

It’s a sad feeling when you’ve given so much of yourself to someone only to realize that it was never really you that they were in love with.
I wanted to believe that what we had was real, that the problems we had along the way were things we could overcome..
But I was wrong.
When we met, you had stars in your eyes and love in your heart and I was smitten so very quickly.
I was consumed by the passion of your soul and the depth of your words..I yearned so deeply to be the recipient of such a beautiful love.
I don’t know when I started seeing the truth, but bit by bit, our romance started to unravel.
Not because I didn’t give you my all or didn’t try to work through things..
But because you were trying to change me into what you thought you wanted me to be..
And that wasn’t fair to me.
The little things you said and the way you made me feel- you made me question parts of myself that I never had before.
Looking back, I wonder if you ever really saw me at all...or perhaps you saw what you thought I should be.
I had never met such a romantic soul in all my time, but the longer we were together, the more I realized that you weren’t in love with me..
You were in love with the idea of being in love.
I cried so many tears and battled so many emotions wondering what was wrong with me.
I asked you what I had done wrong and why you didn’t love me for me..
And allyou did was dismiss me with the notion I was being ridiculous.
I knew then that it wasn’t my fault- none of it was.
You didn’t even realize how you were and what you were doing..
You had conjured up this fantastical notion of love and romance ..with so very little reality mixed in.
My feelings of sadness turned to regret as I knew then that you would never love me like I truly deserved.
You might be alone the rest of your days as you’d always search for that one person who could embody the perfect romance..
And no one or any relationship will ever be without flaws.
Shaking me head, I felt a mixture of pity and relief- a strange combination, to say the least.
I pitied you.. as much as you wanted to be in love, it was all just fantasy and dreams to you.. it would never be real in the way that true love stories are-
With love, commitment, effort and respect.
That was the day that I moved on with a heavy heart but a clear conscience:
I had given it all and one person alone can’t make love work.
It takes two hearts willing to do whatever it takes to work through things and be happy.
I learned a lot from you, so I’ll never regret what we had.
Maybe you wouldn’t find your fairy tale,
But I would keep living my life and sooner or later, the right kind of love story would find me..
And if it didn’t, I’d be just fine loving myself in a way that you never could..
Because I’ll never settle, lower my standards or give up on my dreams.
I’m worth that and much, much more.

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