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February 08, 2022 02:58:22 PM - PST | 33 views

I look at you every day and see my future,
Sometimes , the love I have for you overwhelms me,
And there’s nothing more I want
Than to spend the rest of my days loving you.

I want to celebrate the milestones with you,
I want to live in the moment of our lives,
I want to soak in the beauty around us,
As our love envelopes us for always.

Many years from now, when our hair is gray,
And our faces are lined with wrinkles
From a life well lived with love and laughter,
I want to look at you and just smile.

Holding your hand and looking in your eyes,
I want to think back to the memories we made,
The love we shared and the life we enjoyed.
The times won’t always be perfect..
But it will be beautiful as long as it’s with you.

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