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January 29, 2022 03:13:40 PM - PST | 39 views

It’s been so long since you left, there are times when I can’t remember why you did.
I moved on, changed my life and started fresh, but part of me still holds onto pieces of us.
Not because I want to or that I’m hoping you’ll come back to me, but because there’s a part of my heart that just won’t let go..
Where the love for you still lingers, even when my head has long since made peace with what happened.
There’s really nothing that I can say that will change what my heart does and feels, that’s a battle that my head has fought many times..and lost every time.
I wish I could let go of that last little bit of feelings that I have for you, but I just can’t.
I haven’t heard from you in a long time and honestly, I don’t think about you anymore- and I’m good with that..
But there’s just those times that I hear a song or see a place we once loved and the memories come flooding back.
It’s a blend of happiness and sadness when that happens, and I’ve just learned to make the best of it.
I think part of me will always love you, even though you’re part of a chapter in my life that I’ve long since closed..
I guess that’s just how some people affect us- once we love them, we always will.
I can’t change how my heart feels, and it’s not sadness or regrets it holds onto, but the love we shared.
I don’t know if I’ll ever love someone the way I loved you, but next time, I’m going to try to love someone more..love them better..
Just the way I want to be loved.
I deserve that and so does my heart.
That, for now, will have to be enough to keep me smiling, hoping and fighting for better days.
I’ll find the right kind of love next time, and I’m going to keep evolving and living until I get there.
One day at a time..
Love is out there- and maybe next time, it will be forever.
Until then, I’ll keep loving me more, living in the moments and just being happy.

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