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January 28, 2022 12:34:26 PM - PST | 51 views

If you’re going to kiss your lady, do more than just press your lips against hers.
A kiss is a meaningful expression of how you feel about her- make it mean something.
Kiss her in such a way that she’ll never forget it, each and every time.
Don’t rush in and waste one of those special chances to express your love in a kiss.
Pour your heart into those moments when your lips meet,
So that she’ll crave the next encounter.
Brush her hair out of her face,
Cradle her cheek in your hand,
Look intently into her eyes,
Don’t just kiss.
Ignite your souls with passion.
Soft, but forceful,
Gentle, but deeply.
Sweet, but strong.
Do more than just just kiss her lips,
Leave her breathless.
Playful bites in between the blissful embrace,
Become the wolf before the hunt.
Show her that she’s about to be devoured.
Linger but for a moment,
Until her eyes flutter to match her heart.
Your lips brush slightly against hers,
The deep breath before the plunge.
Use your kiss to say all the things that you’ve wanted to express-
Kiss her every time like it’s your first..and last.
If you can consume her soul with the passion and desire that you feel for her,
Then she’ll be yours forever.
That is when you’ll finally understand..
How it feels to be truly alive.
It is in those moments when your lips collide
That you want her heart to hunger for you,
Insatiably, intensely, longingly.
She’ll never forget how much she wants, loves and needs you...
You just have to give her the reason.
Be the reason, with your heart, in that kiss, and she’ll always love you and want more affection..

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